If we possess the power to create life,
we also possess the power to create the life we want.

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A little bit about me

I’m Simon, Life Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Human Guinea Pig, Speaker, World Adventurer, Writer and Podcaster.

In short, a man on a mission not just to live fully personally, but to also create a group of world leading platforms with the purpose of inspiring, empowering, freeing and connecting people around the world by giving them the tools, networks and support needed to grow personally and create lives filled with purpose, meaning, intention and more importantly on their own terms.

I brought to life The Nourish Group with the goal of creating what I wish I had to support me when I first started, was stuck and wanted to follow my own path.

It has been this that has lead to us bringing together world leading experts, thought leaders to deliver life changing workshops, masterclasses, events, retreats and subversive experiences that not just change the way we think, but also give us the tools to grow and shape how we live, which in effect will ripple out into helping humanity.

We all have the innate capacity to do, create and live the extraordinary. Yet we aren’t given the tools, education or support to do so, and instead, we’re taught to just fit in a box, keep quiet , cap our creativity, and stop daring to dream. 

”Real change starts within, if we want something outside of us to change be it in life, business, income, health, love we must first look inwards and change there first.”

Simon Hall 

Nourish Life Show Podcast

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The show making a ripple in more ways than one, The Nourish Life Show powered by inspiration, mastery and growth. 

Tune in, join me and grow weekly as I speak to, interview and share insights with world leading minds, entertainers, leading figures in an array of areas all sharing their tools, knowledge and message.

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