Become The Hero Of Your Own Story with John Romaniello

When you really stop and think about it, all of us are on a hero’s journey of some sort.

There are paths we must take, challenges we must face and overcome, the odd dragon we must slay, and vital lessons we must learn to navigate ourselves to the final destination, result or goal. 

And the raw truth is, that sometimes through life challenges, the odd curve ball that gets thrown at us, we forget that we are the hero in that story.

On this weeks episode of the show, join myself and a world leading story teller, John Romaniello. 

On the show, myself and John speak on all things: 

  • Becoming the hero in your own story, The Hero Journey
  • How being fearlessly authentic can really help create deeper connections, create powerful communications and effectively make you a lot happier
  • The art of powerful communications & stories
  • Freeing yourself through genuine expression

As well as so much more,

This is a really powerful conversation that has blown up on the show, and I hope you enjoy it, get a lot from it. 

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