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Have you ever found yourself asking this exact question “What do I want to do?” 

As I write this, and reflect back on my life, I really can start to see why this is a question a lot of us, and I know from my experience, have found ourselves tripping over (in my case falling over) at some point in life, briefly my memories of this question are:

“What do you want to do….when you’re older?”

“What do you want to do….when you leave school?”

“What do you want to do….when you leave college?”

“What do you want to do….for work?”

“What do you want to do….when you go home?”

“What do you want to do….when INSERT YOURS?”

It took me 28 years to realise something…… THIS QUESTION… is complete and utter B.S…

Let me explain, and hopefully change something for you to help if this topic that hits home for you.

You see, we all see the world completely differently, take for example. If I was to place one singular coffee bean down in front of 6 people:

  • Person 1 – Would see a cup of their favourite coffee
  • Person 2 – Would see an up coming trip to Peru
  • Person 3 – Would see a coffee shop they have built and feel proud
  • Person 4 – would see the sparkle in the look of his wife’s eyes, as he gazed over his morning cup at the breakfast table every morning, a moment he treasured every day
  • Person 5 – Would see a coffee farm she worked on in the Amazon helping families and children
  • Person 6 – Would see the bottom of the toilet bowl as they are reminded that coffee in fact makes them sick

What I’m getting at here, is we see the world through our experiences some positively charged, and some negatively.

This also is the same, with that horrible pain in the ass question “what do I want to do?” A lot of us really struggle to answer this question, and if you’re anything like me you’ll know that every time you answered this question you’re reminded of….. 

  • Panic, mild anxiety and zero clarity
  • Having to rapidly answer
  • Not knowing
  • Saying something that in no way turned you on
  • Saying the answer your family, or someone else wanted you to say
  • The list goes on …. (insert yours)

But, WHAT IF we changed this question? WHAT IF we asked the question in a way that it actually spoke to you? Spoke to your heart, your passion, your calling & those positive experiences in your life.

What if we just simply REFRAMED that question and asked….. ready for it…..

“What is it that makes your heart sing?”


“What is it that makes you jump out of bed with excitement?”

Or maybe

“What is it that lights you up?”

You see the answers to the questions above, will by default tune in to you and give you the red flags, they give us those KEY notes to hit to really go about asking that question or finding the path to WHAT WE REALLY WANT TO DO.

I’m going to end on this because I really feel it sums this topic up.

A compass will never give you the answers, but it helps you set and create the course and the closer you get to “home” the more clearly you will know the way.

So my question to you today

“What is it that really makes your heart sing?” 

I implore you to hone in on that. 

As always, if this helped let me know on socials or pop a comment below, and as always if you know someone that this can touch and help, please share, if a share of a message can help a life always share it.

Till next time NGTU Community.


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