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NGTU#2 “Identity cannot be found or fabricated but it emerges when we have the courage to let go of everything that we are not”

  • Read Time: 3-4 Minutes Location: Copenhagen, Canggu
  • Coffee: Black Americano (Long Black)
  • Writing song: Neverland
  • My Playlist: Nomads Guide To The Universe Chill
  • Trigger to write: Hearing a sentence that resonated
    “The snake not willing to shed it’s skin, chooses to perish”

Last night, I re-watched a documentary (Finding Joe) one I really took a lot from when I started to look inwards and work on myself, understand why we do what we do, learn more about human psychology, performance, adaption and true human nature. 

What I love about re-reading, re-watching, re-listening to anything, is that when you return to the media piece after time is that with new perspectives, wisdom, eyes and ears. You can take away a complete different lesson, message or in some cases see a completely different story.

One sentence towards the end of the film jumped out at me which was:

“The snake not willing to shed it’s skin, chooses to perish” 

Truth be told I think the reason being at the time of watching it initially I was in the thick of things, and now I have way surpassed that chapter. 

This is a brilliant example and analogy of how we as humans as we grow through life have to let go of the old to allow in or create the new.

Think, we also have to shed our skin to move towards better, the new or create change. And, if for full transparency look at my own life path its been all of these:

  • Shedding an old identity that is no longer you
  • Letting go of the past
  • Old devaluing habits
  • Letting go of toxic people
  • Dead Relationships
  • Environments that don’t play you to your best and suck the life out of you
  • The business that you now hate and have lost all passion and joy for
  • The career path that no longer fits your future

The list goes on……

 And the thing that I love about that quote/analogy “chooses to perish” or as they say in the film Money Ball “adapt or die” is it’s the hard truth of it, if we don’t choose to shed or adapt it slowly starts to take away from us,

  • Stress
  • Our health
  • Cripples relationships
  • Shatters connection
  • Mental health
  • Emotional Health
  • Health Joy & happiness
  • Life fulfilment

Again, the list goes on….. 

And is a great example as if we are setting out to grow, achieve, push for the best we have to shed the old skin that is keeping us small before it quite literally starts to take away from us, and subtract from life.

For me as I sit here, tapping my foot to the song above, bobbing along to the beat and sipping the black energy enriching nectar. I think back to how the hardest one for me in my entire life has been to shed an identity I had outgrown, or realised is in no way who I am, nor my life path:

1 – As an athlete (twice!!)

2 – Stepping away from fitness Body Comp guy

And here’s what I know to be true, our identity is everything to us but is the one thing that really takes the most courage to let go of or change:

1 – To admit it’s now problem

2 – To go through the grey zone of rebuilding what’s next

3 – Finding clarity on

4 – Finally having the courage to let go, and to let the next version of yourself emerge and commit to it

“Identity cannot be found or fabricated but it emerges when we have the courage to let go of everything that we are not”

So to round up this in the moment, Nomads Guide To The Universe: 
What do you need to shed?

What’s it costing you?

Whats the next step to move towards?

Now, the main thing here, is these will always continue to pop up as we continue on our path, however when we are aware of these things we can then start to change them way before they become crippling, subtracting and devaluing. 

So in short and to round up,

Don’t keep small or allow yourself to perish by not shedding. Shed, grow, strengthen and thrive.

As always, if this helped let us know on socials or pop a comment below, and as always if you know someone that this can touch and help, please share, if a share of a message can help a life always share it.

Till net time NGTU Community.


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