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Let Intuition Guide You Danielle Paige


There is a guidance system in every single one of us that’s always there, showing us signs, giving us signals, helping us make decisions, scope out what’s right and wrong for us. 

But why do we rarely trust in it, or maybe even attention to it?

When the “gut feelings” are there, why do we dismiss them? 

Why do so many of us have to hit a wall, have an event, go through something traumatic before we start to listen? 

Science has shown that these intuitive feelings are more reliable than how we may actually perceive things, and also repeatedly shown how these feelings are positively trying to influence our decisions, actions and paths we take.

So how do we sharpen the skill of trusting and listening to that internal guiding system.

Today on the show, join myself and Spiritual Teacher Danielle Paige, as we talk about:

  • Really connecting to yourself and developing your guidance system
  • Following your souls path, finding purpose & Fulfilment in life
  • How distraction is keeping you off your path
  • Why do we get lost, unclear and lose trust in ourselves
  • How to develop unshakable trust in your self & your path

As well as so much more

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