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NGTU#1: Take Imperfect Action, Stumble Your Way Perfect

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Firstly, a huge welcome to The Nomads Guide To The Universe Blog, or in my eyes, my “Written Brain Dump Diary” 

This is basically me writing, documenting on my personal, life, love, business lessons, essentially pretty much all areas, and giving some insights that hopefully can help you move forward, take a step into action or maybe become unstuck.

Also full transparency, I love writing and one day want to really write a book that can help people globally, however I just have been out of practice for a while so this is perfect to get back into the swing of writing again.

Now this is a project I have wanted to do for a few weeks, so this morning I woke up and thought… you know what “this happens NOW!”  Or more along the lines of,

“Simon, you’ve learned your lesson once with the Nourish Life Podcast with messing around with an idea for 2 years, wasting time etc and it turned out to be one of the best things you’ve done, so just start and see how it goes” 

Which is essentially the main aspect of this topic I want to write on today, on taking that imperfect action and stumbling your way to perfect.

Taking that imperfect action, taking that big, scary initial first step, re writing the “should have’s” and “what if’s” of life.

I want to pose a question to you, 

How often do you catch yourself “should’ve-ing” your self? 

  • I should’ve talked to that person
  • I should’ve followed that plan
  • I should’ve listened to my intuition
  • I should’ve built that business
  • I should’ve walked away sooner

Usually these crop up after an open opportunity to take a growth action has passed.

Or , maybe you throw the fear based “what ifs” into a situation at the time action should be taken.

  • What if I look stupid 
  • What if they don’t like me 
  • What if they say no
  • What if I fail
  • What if ……. “Insert your fear here”… 

Both of these internal narratives are things we need to be super aware of, and realise that sometimes they are costly or insanely irrational. We use them to stay safe, comfortable, out of harms way, and as great as they are for survival, they can also be the narratives that stop us achieving, getting results, what we want and progressing. 

What if you flipped the “should’ve” list into a tried and done list, or maybe that “what if…(insert fear) narrative into a “what if this turns out to be the best thing I’ve ever done narrative.

Can you imagine just with those two flips the amount of growth, progress, valuable life lessons, confidence, results you would see return from it. 

The key to remember here, is just like a baby, learning to walk for the first time, in every attempt, try, or fail comes essential feedback:

  • What worked, and what didn’t
  • Why didn’t it work
  • Feedback to strengthen the strength
  • Feedback to lose more of the weakness

It is here through vital feedback, where we learn, stumble forwards, and can keep stumbling to perfect. 

Think, we learn fear as youngsters, and as the baby learning to walk or learning its way through life there is no fear based thought process, the idea is incepted, the want is thought of and then immediate action is taken and then there comes the immediate crucial feedback and life, progress lessons are given: 

So here are a quick list of my lessons to strengthen your steps, to take action, to get unstuck or maybe to give you the permission slip TO DO: 

  • Step: No matter how small, always find, and take that step forward, no matter how small, any size of step is a step in the right direction, with no step there is no feedback and there will be no result
  • Perfect time: There is no perfect time, EVER! And if we wait for that then it will never come, or it will never happen. So step, take the action, leap and if needs be, build wings on the way down
  • Resilience: Understand that you can always go again, try again, just like the baby scenario and as Taylor Swift so famously sang shake it off, keep searching for the wins and lessons in the failures, adapt and go again. Side note to this, if you started singing Shake It Off and have 4:01 minutes ….. CLICK AND ENJOY
  • Always Learn: Always learn, whats working and whats not, awareness of the lessons is crucial, everything is always changing and we have to be aware to be able to adapt
  • Stop Should’ve-ing yourself: Reflect every night, what should have you done that has passed, turn the should have list into a DONE list and close that gap
  • Fall in love with the stumble: I was asked last week on a media interview about turning points in my life, with this topic it was when I learned to stop being afraid to stumble and instead just found ways to stumble more, as for every stumble there is growth.

So in short, step and chose action, fall in love with stumbling…. because at the end of the day it gives, and it changes things.

Right now, and like I did, we have it the wrong way round, we can’t wait for the perfect step or time to step, instead we must step into the imperfect, and make it perfect.

So there it is, the first entry into the Nomads Guide To The Universe (NGTU#1) id love to know if this was of use to you, leave a comment below, or screen shot, tag and share in your socials.


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