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ReWire Your Mindset, Raise Your Vibe & Live with Suzanne Adams

Did you know that the human mind operates subconsciously at 85-90%? Which:

1 – That is absolutely INSANE…..

2 – Think of this, if 85-90% of why we do what we do is operating on auto pilot behind the scenes, what if that auto pilot is not moving towards where you want to go, holding you back and keeping you stuck?

And it’s that which is THE biggest reasons that keeps us getting in our own way.

On this episode of the show (#63) I’m joined by leading transformational coach and mind expert Suzanne Adams, not only has Suzanne been featured on NBC, FOX & The CW, and her TED talk is well and truly on it’s way 1M Views.

This is a conversation all about:

  • Science behind evolution, and how we must continually evolve
  • The actual quantum-physics behind personal transformation & change
  • The forgotten voice, our own & why finding stillness is essential be able to really listen and tune in to you
  • Emotions, feel, and move through
  • Living with intention
  • Don’t let routine become your rut
  • The Law of attraction only works with belief and action

As well as so much more…

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