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“Give Your Audience An Experience That Delivers More Than Just Inspiration...”

Hi, I’m Simon Hall

Firstly, I’m extremely honoured that you’ve considered me to speak at your event.

Being able to speak, connect and engage with people on stage has always been something I love and have always been extremely passionate about. I know from my own experience how much one speech, one message, or one take away can help, inspire and create change.

If you’re looking for someone to speak, inspire and deliver actionable take homes on all things life and business:

  • Optimising Human Performance
  • Getting what you want
  • Why we do what we do
  • Clarity & confidence
  • Creating change and what’s in the way
  • Thrive: Finding Purpose and living with intention
  • Human Psychology and modern day business
  • Creating a message that connects and impacts
  • How leaders lead by leading self first

If you’re interested we would love to speak to you: 

3 Reasons to book Simon


Relatable and extremely engaging

Simon has an ability to really deliver a powerful message through his personal story, authenticity and conviction on stage. Through this he engagingly is able to captivate and connect to the audience to really drive home a message.



Simon tailors events, messages and delivery to impact the specific challenges and opportunities that your audience are facing.


Actionable take aways

Your audience will be left inspired, energised, empowered and motivated along with actionable tools they can start using right away.

Simon's Speech Topics

From full rooms, companies, and events, all audiences will receive the core message of the talk, the reason being every keynote is delivered in a highly customised, interactive, relatable and powerfully engaging way.

Simon strives to ensure that every speech is tailored exactly to the audience, this way he can impact the audience fully knowing the audience will leave the room not just inspired, but with actionable tools, the clarity, more self confidence, the personal empowerment and beleif to implement these strategies into every area of every day life.

Here are some samples of Simon’s topics that he has crafted through his expertise, experience, personal journey and has delivered in the past:

life & Inspiration

  • Alive: Don’t be afraid to live
  • Personal Story: A mans search for meaning

Human Performance

  • The Real Obstacle In The Way
  • Confidence, Belief And Clarity
  • What Matters Most

Impact & Influence

  • The Forgotten Art Of Connection & Communication 
  • Creating A Movement


  • Purposeful Work, Do What You Love
  • Creating Impact In The Modern World
  • Creating a Moment
  • Building Brands That Impact
  • Cultures that thrive


  • Lead Yourself First
  • Leading Through Vision And Influence
  • How Great Leaders inspire
  • How leaders lead, why people follow 
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