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The Warrior & The Yogi

The Warrior & The Yogi  

A few years ago after I set out to my first fight camp over in Thailand, which also lead to me spending time with Buddhist monks. I started to look at myself and how I moved through life as a continual dance between two archetypes, The Warrior, and The Yogi.  

The warrior  (Yin to your yang)

The part of you that’s forged in fire, a controlled, yet dangerous side of you, that when called on and willed on, can step up to any mark, stand strong and move forwards intentionally and with purpose. Fighting for it’s cause, knowing of a better tomorrow and leading through what’s right. The part of you that goes out and gains it’s wisdom in action out on the battle field, with a powerful understanding of the power of it’s words, speaking it’s truth no matter who to, or the circumstance. The warrior, takes the punches and grows in strength knowing every punch that was unseen, or broke it’s guard provided a harsh yet valuable lesson of growth. The warrior fights for it’s love of it’s cause, it’s why & it’s being.

The Yogi (Yang to your yin)

The part of you created in light, the creative, loving, connective side of you, gathering it’s wisdom through observation, conversation and learning. On a everlasting search for stillness, clarity, calm and peace. The yogi, encapsulates peace, love, family, community, friendships and giving. Spiritual, articulate yet romantic, its that part of you that wants to have close relationships and achieve intimacy, feeling free in expressing itself fully knowing that it’s full expression is freedom and a pure act of strength fused by vulnerability. It has nothing to hide, speaks the truth, shows it’s scars, and it’s flaws and owns who it is at its core.

For me over the years this has been a powerful concept I have visualised and tapped into daily, in pretty much every area of life.

Sometimes you have to call on your warrior, fight for whats right, navigate hard waters or maybe even carry a team forwards.  

And others, you need to call on your yogi to heal, listen, deeply connect, feel, reflect, or empathise.  

For example:

  • When I feel fear before a major speaking gig, the warrior strength is summoned from deep within

  • When something is hard, really testing me or I need strength in unchartered waters, the warrior is called upon

  • When clarity and direction is needed, the yogi steps up

  • When physical or emotional healing is needed, the yogi is called upon

  • When the leader needs to inspire the team to take big action, the warrior is summoned

  • When the business needs it’s captain and direction, the warrior is willed forwards

  • When a team member needs to be heard, connected to and empathised with, the yogi is called

  • When I want to speak honestly, connect deeply to someone or even step into vulnerable waters, the yogi is summoned

You get the drift. There is a real power in being aware enough to move between these two archetypes with ease in any area of life. 

Always asking, what is required of me to make XYZ work.

The truth is this, in my short time on this planet, where I have had sticking or breaking moments I realised, the dance had become very one-side and uncoordinated.

The warrior being the sole driver….. I hit burnout, my health suffered, lost relationships and became further away from people that mattered, I fought day and night, without stepping off the field for rest, clarity, healing, reflection. The paradox being the more things felt they were getting further away, the harder I fought UNTIL I stopped, observed and saw the pattern.

The yogi being the sole driver…. Calm, peaceful, and connected but nothing happened, no big movements happened nothing that would bend reality or impact the world, lift a vision off the floor. Also, I found that here it’s easy to stay, especially when you feel scared of taking an action as let’s face it, it’s easy to pick up a book, meditate, do another course etc. The Yogi archetype is easy to stay in, because it’s peaceful and that warrior in you loves chaos and to shake up the snow globe.

But the truth is, the snow globe needs to be shook, it will shows new paths, new opportunities, new allies and after ever shake when the snow in the globe settles, the yogi can step in and make sense, reflect, redirect etc.   

So Todays Nomads Guide To The Universe Note & Question is this:

What archetype are you either stuck in, or jumping into constantly unconsciously?


What do you need to do to help each of those archetypes, how can your warrior build strength and confidence, and how can your yogi build more skills of deepening connections, expressing itself etc? 

The two require each other to move forwards, just like light needs the dark, the sun needs the moon, the warrior needs clarity, love and healing. Just like the yogi with big dreams has to stand, place on it’s armour and go out and fight for them.

Think of the above, and then think of those that inspire you and are making things happen in the world.

Si x


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